Teal duck numbers up in south Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries flew their first aerial waterfowl survey for the 2021-22 season last week. The survey showed some promising results for part of the state in regards to the upcoming teal season. No surveys were

Dove success a mixed bag

Dove hunters didn’t seem to fare as well in the northern part of the state as in some recent years, but there were still enough birds to keep most hunters busy. One thing most dove hunters didn’t miss out on

False News

A graphic, incorporating a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) logo, is circulating on social media erroneously stating that LDWF will not issue new hunting licenses to persons who can’t show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. . ! The

Mark your calendar: Bussey Big Bass tournament!

Last year about this time, the big bass in the newly opened Bussey Brake were producing a “WOW FACTOR” for area fishermen. Tyler Stewart landed a lake record at 12.74 pounds. More than three 10-pound plus largemouth were weighed in

Bussey celebrates one year anniversary

Bussey Brake and it’s fishermen celebrated  the one-year anniversary of the reopening of the Bussey Brake Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Morehouse Parish recently. Following a lengthy renovation project, Bussey Brake became available for fishing and other recreational activities on

Three boating fatalities: Be safe out there

It seems like it happens almost every week — a boating accident or a boater goes missing.  A moment of fun and enjoyment turns tragic in just seconds.  Usually, it involves a smaller boat and people not wearing life jackets.

Almost as good as hunting season

Okay, nothing beats hunting season and the chance to get outdoors, but if anything comes close, it’s the excitement and thrills of the annual Simmons’ Sporting Goods Tent Sale!. Today’s the day the tent sale officially begins! And the deals