Kinny Haddox

Day 10: Decent, but foggy morning

Mother Nature threw us a curve ball with all that fog this morning and it didn’t help. We had mixed reports with some folks killing and some not. That’s a typical report for this time of year. And it could

Day 9: Sunday smackdown

The stars aligned for some good duck hunting Sunday. Actually, it was the sun and wind that aligned and moved the ducks, leading most everyone to kill some ducks. We got a strap full and there were a lot of

Day 8: Slippery Saturday

Saturday brought back something that has been missing a while through all the dry weather. The true meaning of gumbo mud. The slow rain turned many duck hunting areas into much and there’s nothing like gumbo to make a mess.

Day 7: Black Friday ducks

It’s Black Friday, so that means all hands on deck in the store at Simmons’ Sporting Goods. The only “Duck Blind” we got to visit was on the second floor of the store were we grabbed lunch! So we didn’t

Day Six: Happy Thanksgiving

A lot of hunters were able to get out and get in a good morning hunt before the rain started. In fact, it was a pretty good day for some. The ducks flew early, maybe trying to find a place

Day Five: Slowing down a bit

Things slowed down a bit Wednesday. There are still a good many ducks, but without as much hunting pressure and the fact that they have settled down in some areas where they aren’t being shot at left less opportunities. We

Updated LDWF duck numbers – north La.

LDWF aerial survey for waterfowl – updated for Northeast and Northwest Louisiana: The 802,000 ducks estimated during the November 2022 survey for coastal Louisiana and Catahoula Lake was the lowest since the survey began in 1968). It is 38% lower

Day Four: A good, quick limit

We hunted a new place this morning and it had quite a few ducks. It wasn’t just loaded, but we had some good ducks flying and got a 3-man limit and were out of there by 7:45 a.m. We had

Day Three: Slower on Monday

There was some crazy weather in the area early Monday morning, including some sleet and light snow. The cloudy weather and fewer number of hunters must not have had the ducks on the move because it was a lot slower