2017-18 Louisiana hunting regs online

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Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 10.24.51 AMThe Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has released the 2017-18 hunting rules and regulation pamphlet on its website Monday.

The pamphlet can be viewed online at:

Copies should be hitting the shelves at local sporting goods and convenience stores shortly. The booklet contains season information and schedules for the state’s 10 deer-hunting areas, including the elimination of bucks-only days and changing the entire season to either-sex harvest in Areas 4 and 10 — where the season limit has been reduced from six deer to three.

The brochure also notes changes to the scheduling of the state’s 16-day teal season, which will go from the last three weekends in September to Sept. 15-30 this fall. Additionally, the opening day of Louisiana’s turkey season will move from the fourth Saturday in March to the first Saturday in April in 2018. The pamphlet also contains information on migratory game birds, WMAs, licenses, tags and more.