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DSC0398312 Vital Treestand Safety Tips

Using a treestand when hunting can give you a good vantage point for spotting approaching game. Just make sure that you follow these important tree stand safety tips to help minimize the risk of injury.

Before You Go Hunting

  • Buy your treestand from a reputable outfitter who truly understands inside and out how the equipment works. Someone who can help you determine exactly the treestand, safety harness, and more that you need.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s instructions BEFORE using your treestand and safety system. Do not guess at how to assemble or operate.
  • And speaking of operation, practice working with all your equipment before you leave the ground. Have a safety conscious, experienced hunter with you when you do so.
  • Look over your harness, lines, stand, etc… for signs of wear and tear and anything that could prevent their proper operation before you head out to hunt.
  • Make sure that someone you trust knows where you are going, who you will be with, and when you expect to return.

On Site When Setting Up For The Hunt

  • Survey your surroundings. Make a smart choice about the tree you choose to place your stand in. It should be a healthy, straight tree that meets the size requirements for your stand. Also, avoid smooth barked trees, as can increase risk of equipment or you slipping.
  • Clear the area surrounding the tree of potential hazards.
  • Use common sense with regards to weather conditions. Significant winds and storms do not mix with hunting from a tree stand.
  • Place your safety harness system on and secure before you start your climb.


More Stand Safety Tips

  • Never carry your equipment with you when climbing. Always use a haul line to pull up your bow, unloaded firearm, and/or other gear once you are securely in your stand in the tree.
  • Keep a whistle, flashlight or other signaling device and a cell phone within easy reach while in stand should you need in emergency situations.
  • Do not detach yourself from safety harness system until you are solidly back on the ground.

By choosing the right equipment and practicing simple to follow treestand safety tips, your hunts will be memorable for all the right reasons.

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