Young hunters are “racking” up!

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Contestant1YOUTHLYouth Contest leader Carson Seward with a 153 1/8 12 pt

You think you have to be a grizzled old hunter to go deep into the woods and bag a trophy buck?  Nope. Check out what the young hunters are doing. They are racking up some big bucks and bringing them to Simmons’ Sporting Goods for the annual Big Buck Contest. Check out all the youth leaders and their impressive early season trophies on our website under the Big Buck Contest logo. Congratulations to them and their parents and mentors for tacking them to the woods and teaching them to hunt.  In fact, check out all the impressive deer so far, not just the youngsters.

Make sure and bring your entry by and have it scored. Lots of great prizes and we want to see your trophy!