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Mark Your Calendar

Bass Pro Tour set to Return to Where Records Fell for General Tire Heavy Hitters in 2023 The 2022 season kicked off on a trio of relatively unknown lakes outside of Monroe-West Monroe, Louisiana: Lake D’Arbonne, Caney Creek, and Bussey Brake

It’s Big Buck Saturday

Saturday, March 4 — All Day Long! It’s time once again for one of the premier outdoor lovers events in Louisiana – the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Big Buck Contest Awards Day. Come on out and check out the big bucks,

Bussey is on fire!

The big bass are on fire at Bussey. And anglers who are catching the big 10-pound plus bass are all carefully weighing them and putting them back to keep developing the lake north of Bastrop as a prime trophy location

Day 60: Turn out the lights

Last one out of the blind, turn out the lights. Or in this case, in the flooded woods. The party is over for this season. We hope it was a good one for you. We gave it our best shot

Day 59: Ditchbank ducks

It’s the next-to-last day of the season and conventional duck hunting is in the ditch. Literally. So that’s where we went, too. We literally found a ditch bank with some cover where ducks were flying and hid out there for

Day 58: More hunters than ducks

Here comes the last weekend of the 2022-23 duck season. It came fast and it is leaving fast. Get in your last shots at them this weekend, good or bad. But be safe either way. There are more seasons to

Day 57: Woods may be the best bet

I’ve seen worse, but I’ve seen a whole lot better. We’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got. And that doesn’t include many ducks. Now’s the time to pull out all the tricks. We’ve got three days left

Day 56: A little better

It was a little better today, and we really needed that. There were not many people hunting and we didn’t hear a lot of shooting, but the folks that went did scratch out a few. We were able to kill

Day 55: Bad day

Tuesday was a bad day. No ducks. Very few hunters. Only a handful of reports of anybody killing even a couple of ducks. This huge rain that we got may change it up a bit and the wind is supposed