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Statewide teal numbers are way down

The 2023 estimate of blue-winged teal in coastal Louisiana and Little River Basin (148,000) was 44% lower than the 2022 estimate of 264,000. It was 30% lower than the most recent 5-year average and 24% lower than the most recent

LDWF license update

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) is aware that the current license system does not allow individuals to renew their license until the moment it expires. We are in the process of making updates to the system to allow

2023-24 seasons, regs now on line

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) has released its 2023-24 hunting regulations pamphlet online at the LDWF website. Click here to see the upcoming season’s regulations or visit the LDWF website at The pamphlet contains hunting rules, regulations

Simmons’ Tent Sale: All you need to know

Three simple words you hear every summer. And it’s all you need to know to get your sportsman wheels turning! Simmons’ Tent Sale. This year it’s July 26th – August 13. And to make things better, the Simmons sales catalog

Louisiana hunting/fishing license policy

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries hunting and fishing licenses may only be renewed once your current license has expired.  As of June 2022 — most LDWF licenses are now valid for 365 days from purchase date — licenses no

State snapper limits go up, again

We don’t get a lot of red snapper up in these parts; okay, we don’t get any. But a lot of Louisiana fishermen living in Simmons’ Sporting Goods Country love to go down to the coast this time of year

Duck breeding grounds report given

Early predictions for the upcoming duck season are good, but not great, according to reports given to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission at its latest meeting. Reports on breeding ground conditions were given to the group by experts from

2023 Turkey season went well

For the second straight year, the Louisiana turkey harvest was higher than average and in fact, the second best since 2009. Turkey hunters took 2,833 birds in 2023, only down 13 from 2022 (2,846), based on tag validation data. “Good

Get ready for summer at Simmons!

Summertime is here! And that means more than just fishing. Come get stocked up on your lake, pool, and beach gear! @oldrowofficial @yeti