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Did somebody say fish fry?

Louisiana is the land of great food and this time of year, there’s nothing better than a mess of fried fish you caught yourself. If you’ve gone to the trouble to catch them, you might as well go to the


Hey guys Hunter Simmons here from Simmons Sporting Goods. Since the season is winding down here in Louisiana, there’s a high possibility that a gobbler has left the woods with you. Here’s a few of our favorite ways to cook

3 Ways to Achieve Perfect Arrow Flight

      Lately we have received several questions about Arrow Spine, Front of Center, and Arrow Diameter. All three have a direct correlation to achieving perfect arrow flight and having an abundance of energy and momentum for down range.  

Jeff Simmons Hunts With Realtree

  The guys were all down in Georgia a few weeks ago and the birds were definitely fired up!  Jeff Simmons’ hunts with good buddy Phillip and takes a long spurred bird, while hours later Tyler Jordan is able to

5 Tips for Sharing a Turkey Hunting Blind BY Steve Hickoff Author of Turkey Blog With Steve Hickoff APRIL 3, 2018 How to Make a “Long Sit” More Enjoyable Even the most hardcore run-and-gun wild turkey hunter might spend some quality time in

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