Turkey Report

HIP Fee waived; On-line licenses still have $2 fee

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said today that a $2 fee assessed when registering online for the Harvest Information Program (HIP) will be waived beginning Sept. 1, 2020.  LDWF said the fee waiver was the result of ongoing

It’s the Louisiana Hunter’s Bible

Gun. Shells. Decoys. Bags. License. Clothing. Hat.  The checklist for hunting is long, especially if you want to be prepared for about anything. And the season is about to get underway. Here’s another little thing you don’t need to leave

Visiting Bussey? Come see us!

Here’s some good information from the Bastrop/Morehouse Chamber of Commerce in case you are visiting Bussey Brake. It’s a good list of where you can find some things you might need to go fishing for a day or even stay

Another 10 pounder out of Bussey!

Make that TWO 10 pound bass out of Bussey Brake the first week! Alton “Dallas” Brown tried to go to Bussey Brake on opening day last week, but the line was too long. But he made it back this past

Hunting rules, regs now online at LDWF site

Get Ready! Hunting season isn’t that far away. And a great place to start getting ready is at our Simmons’ Sporting Goods Tent Sale — underway NOW!  Check out the upcoming LDWF rules and regulations news below: The hunting rules

Bussey’s first ten pounder reported

It was bound to happen. After several hundred lunker largemouths were released in Bussey several years ago, they were bound to start showing up bigger and better than people expected. And they have. In fact, the “new” Bussey yielded it’s

Bussey opens with a bang!

Bussey Brake reopened for the first time in almost 10 years Wednesday, July 15, 2020.  And it was a hit. Or since it’s fishing, maybe you’d call it a “THUMP”.  Either way, first-day fishermen lined up early and stayed late

Bussey opens Wednesday, July 15!

If you plan on being there Wednesday when Bussey Brake opens back to the public, here’s some things you need to know from LDWF biologist Ryan Daniel. Be aware that you will have to fill out a WMA self-clearing permit

$10,000 crappie

Competitive crappie fishing has become a pretty big deal!  There’s a Crappie Masters national qualifier tournament on the Ouachita River in our backyard July 17&18 and the river will be buzzing with activity. The winners of the pro crappie match