Turkey Report

Latest view of Bussey

Opening day at the “new” Bussey Brake will be an exciting time for so many. When the lake opened originally, cars backed up down the highway. It may be the same way “soon”…  Here’s a photo from the Bastrop-Morehouse Chamber

May I see your license, please?

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reminds anglers that you can now purchase your new fishing license and it will be good until June 30, 2021.  While current licenses will not expire until June 30, LDWF reminds anglers that

Where’s the beef?

Most hunters and fishermen prize their time outdoors, but also the bounty from their outdoor trip. Cooking fish, ducks, venison, etc. is a great way to take advantage of our bountiful outdoors resources. But sometimes, you gotta eat beef. If

The word on Bussey: “Soon”

We’ve been anticipating the opening of the renewed Bussey Brake for years and especially this spring as rainwater and pumping by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has almost got the lake up to the level that was wanted

Long live the streak!

The streak lives! Barely. I have killed at least one turkey, usually several, every year for the past 45 years. This year, it wasn’t looking good. With limited hunting around home and several trips to places like Missouri, Georgia and

It’s over Sunday

Sunday the Louisiana 2020 turkey season draws to a close. It’s been fairly productive for some, but high waters ruined many spots and it seemed like there were lots of “no gobble” days for some hunting grounds. Just a reminder

Pushing the envelope on “the streak”

Well, Jeff has still not killed a turkey. The season is about to close in Louisiana and I’ve been trying a little close to home here in Morehouse, but I haven’t had any luck. I had one that answered me

Jeff’s early season turkey update

Here’s a problem you don’t hear about very often. We went over to Texas to turkey hunt a few days before they closed the border and they’ve had a great hatch of turkeys over there two years in a row.