Duck Report

Sun sets on another duck season

The sun set Sunday on another good Louisiana duck season. The 60-day season with two splits started out good, then we hit a rough spot with a drought and unseasonably warm weather. But then a late winter blast saved us

Nasty day Saturday; One to go

Saturday was a nasty day, but there were quite a few ducks killed from the reports we got. It’s pretty much a mixed bag and anybody that has a spot that hasn’t been hunting has the edge. There weren’t many

Down the home stretch

We’ve got three more days in the 2023-24 duck season and we’ve still got ducks. Hopefully enough to carry us through the end of the weekend. The weather’s been crazy and all the rain has scattered them out, but there

This is duck hunting at its best

The past few days have been awesome – duck hunting at its best for many hunters in our area. After a dry spell and a lull in seeing many ducks, plus worries that the season might end up being a

This might be the weekend…

I’m telling you, Friday through the early part of the week might be just what we’ve been waiting for. Conditions are right for the ducks to move and for ducks to actually be here. We had a ball the last

Locked out

We hope for good cold weather to bring some ducks south, then we get way more than we bargained for. While a lot of ducks did come our way, a bunch of them have now kept on going, or found

Ducks make it more fun

There is one thing that sure makes duck hunting more fun, even when it’s so cold that the politicians have their hands in their OWN pockets! That is having ducks! The cold weather brought us some new ducks the past

Ducks show up

This weekend was a pleasant change to the past week or so! A good bunch of new ducks showed up and gave us some great hunting Saturday and Sunday. We even got into a good group of mallards in the

They gotta be coming. . .

The scene above doesn’t exactly scream “Wake me up and get me out of my warm bed” to most folks, but if you are a duck hunter, it does! It’s not that way around here yet, but scenes like this