Duck Report

Area reports aren’t very good

We had high hopes that today and the next few days would be good, but to be honest, it was a bit slow with the ducks for most everybody we talked to Wednesday. We ran out to Texas to go

Duck, duck, goose

This weekend there was some good hunting and Monday was a good day if you beat the rain, but Tuesday the wind must have been too bad for ducks to even fly. We killed eight ducks and two specks, but

Weather setup has hunters hopeful

The weather set up for a good chance to shoot some more ducks this weekend and into next two weeks. It may not be good for folks living up above Arkansas and Louisiana, but winter is on it’s way this

Chasing them in the woods!

We headed to a spot in the woods Thursday that hadn’t been hunted and was holding quite a few ducks. We had a good time and killed a bunch, mostly teal but a few gadwall and mallards mixed in. If

Pintails and specks

We killed a few ducks and a bunch of geese today, but it was tough. We saw mostly pintails and if you have ever hunted pintails, you know they are a pain in the rear. We call them “stuck up”

From 2 to 36

We had two blinds this morning that killed ducks. One blind killed two. The other blind killed 36. That’s the way it’s going. It’s sporadic at best. And there are a lot more “2’s” than limits, I promise you. But

No ducks? There are alternatives

Ducks can drive duck hunters to do a lot of crazy things. A lot of crazy things. But no ducks? It can make duck hunters desperate, too. Like turning them into deer hunters. That’s what has happened to us. Seriously,

Tough ducks

The last few days have been tough. We had a good wind Thursday and thought it would help, and it kept the water from freezing up, but it was still tough. We hunted hard and got eight ducks. We’re seeing

Dear Santa: Bring more ducks

Well, one wish for most of our area duck hunters is this: Dear Santa, please bring us more ducks. It’s a little slow right now. The change in weather could help, but you never know. We want to take this