Duck Report

Day 52: More ice

More ice. Same number of ducks. It was locked up out there this morning, unless you had a deep hole to hunt. That’s about it. If anything is going to get better, it’ll have to come the next few days.

Day 51: Ice

The temperature gauge read 22 degrees at daylight, but the north wind chill factor made it feel like 12 degrees, compounded by the fact there were very few ducks, which dropped the “feels like” temperature to somewhere around six degrees.

Bonus report: Arkansas ducks

Here’s the latest report on ducks in Arkansas from the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission today. They have more ducks that Louisiana, but numbers are way down. They, too, are hoping that this weekend will bring a push of ducks

Day 50: This is a recording

Duck hunting was not good today. Not many people even went. This is a recording. Okay, it’s time for a new message and if the changing weather doesn’t bring it the next five days, we’ll have to rack up this

Day 49: Still a slow go

Duck hunting is still slow. There’s not much to report. There’s a big chance in the weather coming and I know it sounds like a broken record, but maybe it will it bring us some ducks. It will lock up

Day 48: More of the same

Wait, isn’t this what the report said yesterday? Yes. More of the same. There aren’t many folks hunting and there aren’t many ducks around. But the coming change in the weather once again brings hope that maybe a push of

Day 47: More of the same

Lots of folks were off Monday. The mail didn’t run. Things were kind of slow due to the Holiday. And that includes the ducks. They apparently took the day off, too. It’s more of the same for most of the

Day 46: Only one thing missing

What a great morning for duck hunting. Too bad there just aren’t many ducks. Normally, you would have thought that huge system that pressed through over us would have sent thousands of ducks our way. But despite the cold weather

Day 45: Got a few this morning

We woke up to thunder and rain Saturday and it was a dreary morning, but the change in weather got a few ducks up and flying. We had a pretty good hunt, especially compared to recent days. We had two