Duck Report

Ducks are like the weather

Duck hunting is kind of like the weather. Yucky. Just damp, cold, cloudy….not the most pleasant time to be in the blind, especially when the ducks are laying out somewhere else. We are just seeing a lot of stale ducks.

Clint Eastwood type duck hunting

You remember the old Clint Eastwood movie, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”? Welcome to duck hunting this week. Not quite in that order, but we had a bad day, a good day and then Wednesday was just plain

Slower today

The second day of the second split wasn’t anything to write home about. We are still killing some ducks, but mostly teal. We are seeing some good numbers of big ducks but man, they just don’t want to work. It’s

Second split: Thank goodness for teal!

The second split began with a swoosh. No, not a Nike tennis shoe. The swoosh of teal. We killed a limit of ducks this morning, thanks to the teal. We saw a lot of ducks but the teal were the

Latest LDWF duck survey

The December 2023 estimate of ducks in Louisiana’s coastal zone and Little River Basin is853,000 (table 1). This represents a 46% increase from last month’s record low estimate of 584,000. Most species showed increases, including ring-necked ducks (+330%), green-winged teal

Split one comes to an end

Quite a few folks took advantage of today’s final day of the first split. Count us among them. We didn’t do real well, but we fought through the fog and killed some ducks. Hopefully a little rain and cooler weather

Goose or bust

Some guys shot a few ducks this morning, but we went to the wrong end of the field evidently. We did not kill a single duck. We salvaged the morning with seven geese, but that wasn’t what we were after.

An outstanding day…..but…

We had a big group of hunters and had an outstanding day, but it wasn’t easy. We went to a reservoir that has not been hunted and has been holding quite a few birds. We set up not too far

Toughest day yet

Tuesday was our toughest day yet. We had a few birds fly early, but by 7:30 a.m. the skies were empty where we were. We scratched out ten, but it was tough. We heard pretty much the same from others.