Duck Report

Day 44: Once upon a time

Three Ducks & Goose. Today’s duck report sounds more like a nursery rhyme than a duck report. Once upon a time, there were many eager hunters and lots of ducks, but today — only three ducks and a goose. That’s

Day 43: Beautiful day, but few ducks

I guess we shouldn’t have expected the 13th to bring us a lot of luck in the duck blind. In fact, there aren’t a lot of people out there fighting it because it has been so bad. It seems like

LDWF January aerial survey

The January 2022 waterfowl estimates are up from December, although a lot of the state’s duck hunters might wonder how. The season has been a tough one. The numbers from the most recent Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries aerial

Day 42: Nothing exciting to report

It was another slow day. When the wind picked up, we did see quite a few ducks flying and working, but that was way on up in the morning as we rode around some fields just looking to see if

Day 41: Another slow day

For most folks, it was a slow morning. We got reports from a couple of areas down south of here that got some limits and there are some ducks in scattered areas, but for the most part it’s slow. The

Day 40: A good day for many

Even though not much as changed with the numbers of ducks, several hunters we talked to killed limits this morning. It was windy and a pretty morning and the ducks just flew and seemed to work well in a lot

Day 39: Yucky, not ducky

It’s more yucky today than ducky. We did get a change of weather and got a good rain in some parts of the area, which was badly needed, but there still isn’t a lot of water except what people have

Day 38: Still so slow

It’s still pretty weak out there on the duck front. Frankly, there aren’t a lot of ducks and lots of folks are staying home. Two of us killed 12, but we had to struggle for them. We hunted until 10