Duck Report

Day 42: Pretty weak

That’s the best way to describe today — pretty weak. We didn’t see many ducks flying or hear much shooting. I think it’s that second split “lull” that we often find when the weather is going back and forth from

Day 41: Not bad, not great

We’ve settled in to a little pattern of hunting being a bit tough, but it’s still not bad. There are ducks around, and that’s a good thing. There still isn’t as much shooting as in previous weeks. We did kill

Day 40: Ducks take a day of rest

We are officially two thirds of the way through the 2022-23 duck season, but the ducks looked like they were tired of participating today. There were a few folks who killed some in the clouds, but I haven’t heard a

Day 39: Tough day

It was a tough morning. We killed 10 ducks, but we did about as well as we could have. We just didn’t see many ducks. There was a good wind and it was a pretty morning, but we didn’t even

Day 38: The teal came back!

We had noticed that the teal had left our spots the past couple of days, but they must have heard us because they came back today! We had a lot of teal early and we got our limit of 30

Day 37: Another good day!

It was another good day with sun and a good wind. Even though we saw fewer ducks overall than some days, and there were not as many flying, we had a pile of ducks when we loaded up and came

Day 36: Scratching ’em out

We had to hunt and stay after them for a while this morning, but we scratched out 19 ducks and five specks. It was tough wind for us out of the west. We didn’t see a ton of birds, either,

Day 35: Storms and ducks

It was a rough night and early morning across much of the duck hunting zone. But the hunting was better than you might expect. Here’s today’s report: