Duck Report

Day 6: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We had a great family Thanksgiving Day duck hunt this morning and we saw more pintails than I think I’ve seen in a long time. We limited out by 10:30 and had 10 pintails and 12

Day 5: Lindsey’s first greenhead

Wednesday was a beautiful day that started with a picture perfect sunrise! We probably saw 10% of the ducks this morning that we’ve been seeing, but those ducks worked really well. We only made a short hunt, but killed 24.

Day 4: It’s all good

There were lots of ducks and lots of big ducks this morning. Pintails, mallards and gadwalls were flying in bunches. It was cold this morning and a good bright morning and the ducks were flying. Three of us limited out

Day 3: Ducks flew a little later

We had to head in a little bit early on Monday’s hunt and it didn’t quite fit the ducks schedules. Our customers will be glad to know that work comes first, especially this time of year! We killed 10 early

Day 2: Another good day!

When we went to bed Saturday night, I was kind of thinking it would be lightning and pouring down rain Sunday morning, and to tell the truth, I probably wasn’t going in all that. But when we got up, it

2014 Opening day: A good one!

We had quite a few ducks this morning with a mixture of about a third mallards, gadwalls and teal. We saw lots of teal early, but held off for the big ducks. It was real unusual opening day this year

First NE duck numbers in

Preliminary duck survey results for northeast Louisiana are in and even though there aren’t as many ducks here as there are in south Louisiana, the numbers are pretty impressive for this time of year. The aerial survey, done by the

Early duck estimates up 3X over 2013

A few days before the East Zone season opener for ducks, there’s good news about early migrations of waterfowl in the state. The estimate of 3.13 million ducks from the 2014 survey of central and south Louisiana is over 3

Time to get ready

Saturday was a great day to finish getting things in shape for the upcoming opening day in the East Zone.  Things are looking up for the ducks (see the report below). Duck hunting takes a lot of preparation, but it’s