Waterfowl Hunting

BONUS REPORT: LDWF waterfowl survey

The January, 2023 aerial waterfowl survey by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has been completed. The 2.0 million ducks estimated during the January 2023 survey of coastal Louisiana and Little River Basin (formerly Catahoula Lake) decreased 3% from

Day 52: Picked up a bit

We still don’t have a ton of ducks, but there are enough to get in some good hunting. It picked up a bit yesterday and that continued into today. We had some wind and sun and the ducks we have

Day 50: Scratched out a few

Well, there’s 10 days to go. We scratched out a few, but hopefully the cooler weather will help us end up the season right! Here’s today’s report:

Day 49: Wednesday washout

Make a list of everything you would be doing if you were NOT duck hunting. Then, go ahead and start working on your list. Duck hunting has been a little tough the past few days and there were more mosquitoes


If you are a duck hunter, you’ve probably seen the “MRDUK”…MRNOT…OSMR” joke (theMaReDUcKs..No, theMaReNOT… OhyeStheMaRe…” Yep, we’ve reached that stage of duck season. There may have been some ducks flying somewhere this morning, but it was slower than this past

Day 47: Slow Sunday

Well, we followed Slow Saturday with Slow Sunday. It was weak again. The ducks we did see wouldn’t work. There’s no denying it, we’ve had a couple of tough days for the most part. I think it’s pretty much the

Day 46: Slow Saturday

It was pretty weak and there weren’t many ducks flying. I’ve really got no answer as to why. There are a few guys killing ducks, but not a lot. It was a slow Saturday and we had no wind today.

Day 45: Still tough, but a few greenheads

More hit or miss hunting today! There are some ducks in the fields, but there’s lots of empty sky. There are some mallards in the woods, but this wind is making it challenging. And there aren’t that many birds. You