Waterfowl Hunting

Day 15: Tons of ducks early

We had tons of ducks flying early this morning at daylight. It was something. We killed 14 in the first 20 minutes, but then when it got good light, they were just gone. There were some flying, but it was

Day 14: Quick limit

Just two of us went this morning, but we had a limit by 7:30 and I was at work by 8:30. That’s the kind of hunt I needed. Half our limit was teal and we had three mallards and three

Day 13: We needed some wind!

We went to Arkansas this morning and enjoyed hunting on the opening day of their second split.  There were three of us and we killed 18, but half of them were teal. We just didn’t see as many big ducks

Day 12: Thankful for early teal

This morning we killed 15 teal pretty early, but that was it. We did not see a lot of big ducks flying. Thank goodness for the teal. It kept the morning lively and we didn’t plan to hunt long anyway.

Day 11: The ducks get some rest

There is still some good duck hunting in the area, but I didn’t go today. Our whole group laid out. The ducks seem to be going from one area to the other. One day they really get them on Hwy.

Day 10: It picked up a little

Hunting today was better, but still not what it has been. This cold front blowing through Monday may bring in some more ducks. It should be in the low 40’s Tuesday morning. We had a few good reports and hunters

Day 9: I knew it was coming…

Well, I got the day I had coming to me today. It’s just been too good so far. Today it was not a good day. It was a picture perfect day, but we didn’t hardly see any ducks. We killed

Day 8: Ducks flew late

The ducks didn’t fly early for us today and we had to leave at 8 a.m. to get to the store, but we still had 12 this morning. It was a good hunt. In fact, this season has been the

Day 7: Fewer birds, but still good

I didn’t go today, but my son-in-law and nephew took some folks and they killed 24 ducks, including 15 mallards. It’s amazing how many mallards there were again. The total number of ducks is down a bit and results were