Waterfowl Hunting

Day 32: Good day to be a duck

The only living thing I know of that could enjoy a morning out in the rice field like we had Sunday morning would be a duck. It was dreary, cold and raining. Thank goodness we got out of there right

Day 31: A good day

Today was a much better day for us. We saw the same groups of ducks today, but we had a lot of them that worked real good.  We had 24 ducks although we had to hunt until 10 a.m. to

Day 30: It’s halftime, but no break!

Thirty of the 60 days of duck season are behind us in the East Zone in Louisiana. Wow, time passes fast when you are having fun. It’s halftime, but we aren’t taking a break. Even if things are a bit

Day 29: Christmas Day report

There weren’t many folks hunting Christmas morning and we didn’t stay long, so there weren’t a lot of ducks getting stirred up. But we had a good hunt. We killed 10 before 8 a.m. and then headed back home. We

Day 28: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and your family from the Simmons’ family! We had some good reports in from Christmas Eve hunts and if the creek doesn’t rise, I’ll be bringing you my first personal report in a few days. It’s

Day 27: Things are getting better

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that reading the Simmon’s Duck Report doesn’t pay dividends. Not only do you get to keep up with the latest info on area duck hunting, but here’s a Christmas bonus: The first person who

Day 26: Some good; some bad

We usually have some kind of lull around this time of the season, especially when the weather doesn’t send us any new ducks. What we are seeing now is the same ducks going from one area to the other. It’s

Day 25: Stubborn ducks

At 8 a.m. Sunday, we had three specks. That was it. Zero ducks. We were seeing lots of ducks flying, but they wouldn’t even look down. They were stubborn to say the least. Before 9 a.m., a few had changed

Day 24: Tough day again

Hopefully the hunting will pick up a little bit this week. Folks have been busy getting ready for Christmas and hunting pressure has been down, so the ducks that are here don’t seem to be moving as much. It’s hit