A Few Reasons Bow Hunters Should Consider Bowfishing This Summer

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A Few Reasons Bow Hunters Should Consider Bowfishing This Summer




 Today’s world, unfortunately, doesn’t give us the opportunity to pursue large game year round. So what’s an avid hunter and archer supposed to do in the downtime between seasons? One way archers have recently been staying on top of their skills is by bowfishing the summer months away.


Bowfishing is very similar to bowhunting. Except that you get to shoot a whole lot more! And it’s warm. And you can talk to your buddies. And you don’t have to worry about the wind. And you get to reel in a bunch of big fish… which is a plus for any avid sportsman!


It’s an inexpensive sport that requires minimal gear. Also, it is available in some form almost everywhere. Most states also afford plenty of fish to target in their waters. Bowfishing is definitely for the adrenaline junkie and it’s safe to say just about any bowhunter would enjoy it.


From the lowly common carp swimming in a drainage ditch to major-river trophies like paddlefish and alligator gar, freshwater bowfishing targets vary greatly in location, temperament, appearance, and size. Believe it or not, Most of these make for pretty good eating!


Bowfishing is a fun and relaxing way to keep shooting throughout the year. The basics of bowfishing are easily learned, and the basic bowfishing gear is generally affordable! Call the store at (318-283-2688) with any bowfishing questions. Micheal and Richard in our Archery Department will be glad to help!

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