Behind the Scenes from K-Bo’s Kitchen

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Behind the Scenes

From K-Bo’s Kitchen

“K-bo’s Wild Turkey Cordon Bleu”


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Anytime a turkey is harvested everybody asks how long was his beard? How big were his spurs? How much did it weigh? Do I ask these questions? Naw! The only two things I’m concerned with are, how are we going to cook him and when are we eating?

Wild turkey is my absolute favorite wild game. Since I’m possibly the worst turkey hunter on the planet, I usually have to rely on someone else to get me some meat. This year though the old saying “a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then” came true and that blind squirrel was me! Now I’d love to tell you how I scouted this bird and called him up, but the truth is he came walking by about forty yards out and I let him have a dose of Hevi-Shot Magnum Blend.

Before I had him loaded up in the truck I was already thinking, how am I going to cook this bird. I got him home, got the breast and tenders out and while some discard the rest of the bird, I take out the leg quarters and save them for gumbo. Later on that evening, still undecided on how to prepare it, I got a cold beer and drank up the idea for Wild Turkey Cordon Bleu…man was it good. Here’s the recipe. I hope y’all enjoy!


-1 wild turkey breast

– 4 slices of bacon

-Italian dressing

-2 large slices of deli ham

-8 slices of swiss cheese

-4 tablespoons of Tony Chachere’s

-4 tablespoons of Lawry’s Garlic Salt

– 1 cup of grated parmesan cheese

-1/2 cup of dijon mustard

-6 pack of your favorite beer (to be consumed by chef of course)


Marinate the turkey breast in Italian dressing for 24 hours. Take it out of the marinade and pound it with a tenderizing mallet. Mix your Lawry’s Garlic Salt, Tony’s Chachere’s, and parmesan. Then coat both sides of the breast. Lay it flat and and put 4 slices of swiss across it, then ham, then your other four slices of swiss. Roll it up and wrap your bacon around it. Next, use toothpicks or tie with cooking twine to hold it together and coat the outside with Dijon mustard.


Now that the hard part is done, set your Camp Chef pellet grill to 350 degrees and cook 15 minutes per side or until internal temp reaches 165 degrees. Take it off the grill and rest the meat for twenty minutes. Finally, slice it how you would a pinwheel and serve with your favorite sides. Feel free to take this recipe and make it your own. Maybe you want to add jalapenos in the middle or use a different kind of cheese. The possibilities are endless.


See you at the table…