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Behind the Scenes of Simmons’ Sporting Goods

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Behind the Scenes of Simmons’ Sporting Goods

Featuring Lindsey and Hunter Simmons’ and Caleb Wallace

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to own and operate a hunting retail store? Banded Brands decided that they would host a fun Q&A interview with a few of Simmons’ store managers during their Just Go Tour. Check out The Banded Podcast-Simmons’ Sporting Goods- with Lindsey and Hunter Simmons and Caleb Wallace for raw, behind the scenes conversations about how it all started.


Simmons’ Sporting Goods started in 1983 in the rural town of Bastrop, Louisiana by Jeff and Robin Simmons. The business has vastly grown from nearly 1,000 square feet, to what now offers over 70,000 square feet of fully stocked inventory! Keeping a family owned business up and running for over 30 years has had its challenges over time. Lindsey and Hunter Simmons, the children of Jeff and Robin, are the new faces of Simmons’ Sporting Goods. Obviously, times have changed drastically since the early eighties and with that, new challenges for hunting retail businesses are popping up everywhere.


In the interview with Banded, the Simmons’ team is asked “What sets your store apart from the larger competitors?” The answer is quite simple. “We believe in the old school version of customer service. If you walk into our store and an employee hasn’t simply asked can we help you, then we’re failing to do our most important job. That job is making sure that the customer is taken care of,” declared Hunter Simmons. “Our family and staff here at Simmons are very knowledgeable with our products. We go above knowing the basic key features of our products but understand how they work.” says Lindsey Simmons.


If you know any members of the Simmons’ family, then you know that they have a passion for what they do. They believe that customer service and location was the key to their success. Treating people like family when they walk through the double doors of the store is what keeps customers returning! “The Customer is our number one priority” Caleb Wallace explains. The store is located in the backlands of the Delta, also known as the “All Things Hunting” grounds! Before the Store opened people in the Bastrop area would have to drive up to two hours just to purchase ammo or tackle. This motivated Jeff to act on pursuing the business. The store has undergone 10 different remodels, including adding a restaurant since originally opening back in 1983.

To learn more about how Simmons’ originated, and to hear exclusive “Tales from Simmons’” check out The Banded Podcast-Episode 4.