Bird band reporting changes

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A note for duck hunters who might encounter a banded duck early this season:

“I hope this finds you well whether you’re a week into the season (West Zone) or anticipating the opener in few days (East Zone), or maybe both. I was asked to get this correspondence out to you regarding reporting banded birds.  We don’t place bands on birds with the 1-800 number anymore but there are likely quite a few out there still available for harvest.”

Jason Olszak, Waterfowl Program Manager, LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Note from the Bird Banding Lab:

The USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center’s Bird Banding Lab regrets that our toll-free telephone Line 1-800-327-BAND (1-800-327-2263), used to report birds with federal bands or auxiliary markers, is currently inaccessible for those reporting from within the United States. We have been experiencing this technical issue for several weeks and have been working with our Telecoms provider to resolve this issue. We will inform you when it is resolved.

If you want to report a bird with a federal band or auxiliary marker, please go to

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


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