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Day 31: Rain, wind & wall-to-wall ducks

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Pick a day that you might not have wanted to be in the duck blind this season and it might have been today. I mean, look at that weather that came through. If it was what you thought, though, you were wrong. A brutal front, heavy rain and chilly, damp conditions didn’t bother the ducks today, in fact, it got them flying.

We limited out fairly quickly and despite the conditions, had a great hunt. In fact, … thunder? rain? It didn’t bother the ducks today. It’s hard to tell some days which are the craziest — duck hunters or the ducks themselves.

Any way, when the rain stopped and the wind shifted out of the west, things, kind of quieted down on all fronts.

It was a good hunt. One that we’ll talk about for a while. Hopefully there will be more. We are just entering the second half of the season and it’s been a really good one so far!

Always, always….be safe. Check on your blind and make sure it’s up to snuff after all this crazy weather. And don’t get complacent and take any chances. Be safe.