Day 36: Scratching ’em out

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We had to hunt and stay after them for a while this morning, but we scratched out 19 ducks and five specks. It was tough wind for us out of the west. We didn’t see a ton of birds, either, but enough to kill a good mess. It’s about the same for most folks.

The skies aren’t loaded, but as I said the other day, it’s been a lot worse in seasons past, so no complaining. We seem to have lost our teal. Some people may still have them, but we don’t. Hopefully a change in wind or weather will bring them back to us. We’ve had some great teal shooting this season so far. They sure add excitement to the shooting, too.

It looks like we’ve got a few good days of weather, with some rain moving in late Saturday and into Sunday. Get ’em while you can. And be safe.

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