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If you are a duck hunter, you’ve probably seen the “MRDUK”…MRNOT…OSMR” joke (theMaReDUcKs..No, theMaReNOT… OhyeStheMaRe…” Yep, we’ve reached that stage of duck season. There may have been some ducks flying somewhere this morning, but it was slower than this past weekend. It’s slow enough to do this…

Since the birds have chosen to be no-shows for the most part, so have the hunters. There were very few people hunting today. It was a cloudy, gray day with a little sprinkle. Looks like more of the same for a few days…slow duck hunting.

Maybe a little weather change later in the week — possibly by Thursday — will pick things up and we won’t have to rely on silly jokes.

LIB. MRDUKS! You figure that one out…