Day 60: Turn out the lights

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Last one out of the blind, turn out the lights. Or in this case, in the flooded woods. The party is over for this season. We hope it was a good one for you.

We gave it our best shot on Day 60 and had a great hunt. Obviously not as many birds as we would have liked, but we scratched out enough for a great hunt. It’s been a grind this week, but by middle of the week, we’ll miss it and wish we were back out there looking for them.

****** One important reminder

Don’t just toss your stuff in a closet and dig it out next year. Clean your gun, take those batteries out of the Mojo decoys, clean up your gear. It’ll last a lot longer if you do it that way. Don’t put it off, or you’ll forget. And don’t wait to replace that stuff you broke. Now’s a good time to get stocked up for next season so you won’t forget and head to the blind on opening day next year with a broken flashlight, shot shell bag with a hole in it, broken shotgun strap, etc. And you know where to come get your new stuff. Simmons’ Sporting Goods.

Be safe!