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Day ten: starting to see some big ducks

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All our ducks in a row!

We got a few mallards in the bag Monday! We had a mixed bag of other big ducks as well. The wind blew and the sun popped out, which was good. It was like it is supposed to be for us in our blind. We got our limit in about 12 minutes. The ducks came early, worked well and fell right in the decoys. We were in Mer Rouge eating breakfast by 7:30.  You can’t beat that.

We saw a lot of big ducks flying this morning. It’s been mostly teal, but as you can see, we had some good big ducks. I think the cold weather blew a lot of new ducks in. The cold may have moved some of the teal further south, too.  Tuesday morning is going to be bitter cold early. That should make for a good hunt. There won’t be any mosquitoes, that’s for sure. We’re getting some more water, too, and it looks like we’ll get more. That will help us out the last few days of the first split.

If you get a chance to go, get out there. The first split ends Sunday evening.

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