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Day three: Success is spotty

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Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 6.03.14 PMDuck season has been boom or bust so far. There were some spots with lots of ducks  and a lot of hunters that reported pretty much nothing. We are going to need a lot more water to get things picked up. Ducks seem to be flying earlier in the morning. We still haven’t had ideal weather yet, either, but that will come. There are a lot of teal in the area and these young hunters enjoyed some success with them. Taking kids hunting is the way we continue to preserve our sports and the love of the outdoors.

There are several areas around Mer Rouge and north that have a ton of geese. While the duck hunting has only been moderate, the goose hunting has been pretty good. When the specks are working, it is some kind of fun. And they are good eating, too.  That should continue until something changes in the food supply or weather. We are looking at some rain and a front coming through Wednesday. The wind may offer some better duck hunting conditions.

We still don’t have a lot of birds, but that seems to be the condition statewide. Remember you can start watching the Duck Report on KTVE TV each evening as well as keep up with photos and the report here daily during the season. Stay tuned. And be safe.