Day two: A good start for us

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Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 6.00.42 PMWe had a pretty good hunt for our first one of the year. As I said yesterday, we had to skip Saturday because of work at the store, but Sunday morning we killed 22 ducks and picked up three specks. The ducks were really flying early and by 7 a.m., we had 20 ducks. Our last bunch had eight ducks come in and we got five, so that was pretty good. We picked up the specks as singles at different times in the morning.

Several people had good mornings but most struggled from what I heard. We had a group on the other end of the farm that didn’t even kill a duck. I think it helped us that nobody hunted in the blind we were in on Saturday, so that made it better Sunday.

We need some rain bad so we can fill up these fields and hold a few more ducks when the come. The wind has been crazy, too. it hasn’t really blown for 7-8 days. There are a ton of specks around so there should be some good hunting. But we need wind to make them work.

Be safe!