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From the Hunting Camp with Richard Albritton

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From the Hunting Camp

with Richard Albritton

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Spring continues to be as wet as it’s been in a long time for Northeast Louisiana. That spells bad news for farmers and for the rest of us that pursue adventures in the outdoors. There is one silver lining to all of this water, bowfishing!
The backwaters created by the overflowing rivers in the Mississippi delta are prime…Carp and Buffalo are moving into the flood plain in big numbers. This also gives us bowhunters a summer “fix” or “bonus season.”  Bowfishing is a relatively inexpensive sport to take part in.  If you have an old bow, be it youth or adult, or perhaps a recurve, bowfishing kits and accessories are an easy add-on.
There are several companies that have complete kits if that’s what you’d prefer. PSE has a couple of bowfishing kits available, the Mudd Dawg and The Discovery. Muzzy manufactures a package called The Vice and they have introduced a brand-new bow coming this spring called the “LV-X”. Muzzy and Oneida have collaborated to make this bow fishing unit. Last but not least, Cajun Bowfishing has Shore Runner. This is a very nice package for the avid bow fisherman.
These companies have something for everyone. So, get out there and take a kid with you! Enjoy this opportunity to extend your season and don’t forget to send us your pictures the next time you head out with your bowfishing crew to make memories.