From the Hunting Camp with Richard Albritton

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From the Hunting Camp

with Richard Albritton 


Hunting season is over, the Crappie have moved into the shallow water in preparation for the spawn. Now it’s once again time to start thinking about the upcoming deer season. Bucks have started their antler growth, the does are carrying their fawns, and both could use a little boost in supplemental feed and minerals to better their health and increase antler growth.
This spring has been one wettest in recent memory.  Because of this, browse is readily available and at a maximum.  They have plenty to eat…we’re just giving them a little extra.
Implementing mineral and supplemental feeding programs by creating mineral licks, or feed stations, will boost antler growth and help those does make it through a time that is extremely taxing.
There are several mineral make-ups: solid block, granular, and liquid. “Trophy Rocks” is a great choice as a mineral supplement. I recommend and sell loads of these each year.  It’s not a manufactured lick like most, it’s a mined rock so it’s as natural as it gets. Whitetail Institute makes a granulated mineral, 30-06 Thrive, which is a great mixture with loads of nutritional value. And finally, Big and J. produces both a liquid and granular mix. The aroma of these products is far reaching with loads of nutritional value.
Look, you’re in the woods turkey hunting anyway so go ahead, get your supplemental mineral and feeding programs started!  Set your favorite trail camera out, and start getting the first pictures of the year and take inventory of your herd well before you climb in your stand this fall.
Happy hunting and come see us at Simmons!


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