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From the Lake

with Chuckie Darnell

Hollow Body Frogs VS Soft Plastic Frogs

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Two anglers can look at the same piece of cover, faced with the same conditions, and decide on two different baits to attack it. One scenario where this might play out is fishing in and around grass. Let’s take a look at the where, when and why one might choose fish a hollow body frog over a soft plastic frog or vice versa.


There are numerous hollow bodied frogs on the market.  Some of the ones I consider my “go-tos” are SPRO Bronzeye, Booyah Pad Crasher, and the Strike King KVD Sexy Frog. I will use these particular baits when I believe the bass want the retrieve varied or paused. You can walk this frog through laydowns and over grass and at key times, such as a missed strike or isolated piece of cover, stop the bait to entice another strike.


Soft plastic frogs are my choice for fishing scattered vegetation and for covering a lot of water quickly. The profile is more compact and streamlined making it a tempting treat for bass. My favorites include Zoom, Horny Toad, Stanley Ribbitt, and the new Yum Tip Toad. This frog is retrieved with a constant retrieve with a sweet sound produced by the cupped or curled soft plastic feet. Be sure to try them both on your next trip!

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