Gearing up for Duck Season in Louisiana

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Teal Season is in the Air

Duck Blog 2018

It sure doesn’t feel like it, but teal season is here! There’s something about climbing in a duck blind or wading in the shallow brush of a field when it’s 90 degrees outside that doesn’t appeal to most, but die-hard teal hunters will strap on their camo, spray down with mosquito repellent and throw out the decoys!


The state season for blue-winged, tree-winged and cinnamon teal runs from September 15-30. Limit is six per day and there is a possession limit of 18.


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries statewide teal numbers survey was delayed due to weather conditions but will be released as soon as possible. Reports from the field indicate there are good numbers of teal in some places, but the overall population this year won’t be as high as last season, at least not yet.


There are a couple of upcoming items that duck hunters do have to look forward to. The annual Simmons’ Sporting Goods “The Hunt is On” flyer with the most fantastic sporting goods deals ever will be hitting the street (and the web) in the next few days. You don’t want to miss that as you stock up for the season.


Also, next week we will be starting up the annual Jeff Simmons Duck Report with all the latest information about the waterfowl seasons and personal reports right from the blind. That includes daily posts on results all 60 days of the Louisiana season. You can find that by scrolling down on the home page of the Simmons web site. You don’t want to miss that, either.


Camo Up!