How Color Selection of Crappie Jigs Can Be the Key to Success

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How Color Selection of Crappie Jigs Can Be the Key to Success


If you hang around a crappie fisherman long enough without a doubt, the subject of jig colors will arise. The Key to staying on top of the game is knowing your gear! Avid crappie fishermen choose to carry a variety of colors on them at all times on the water. This makes it easier to experiment when a certain color isn’t working. Also, remembering that crappie are sight feeders will help your next fishing trip out tremendously. They will only strike at what they can see! Three Important Factors involved in jig color selections include color of the water, intensity of the sunlight, depth you are fishing.

Water Color is certainly a prime element in crappie work.

When the water is dark ( less light penetration or cloudy water) brightly colored jigs will be easier to spot. When the water is clear or there is lots of light penetration, darker jigs will better contrast. The fact that this theory and the previous one directly oppose each other, both equally being used by plenty of crappie fisherman, really shows that it’s up to you to find out what works for the crappie and conditions you are fishing. Remember to keep your jig size relatively small!

Crappie jig color isn’t rocket science by any means, but by choosing a jig color based on the theory that makes most sense to you, you will have a place to start. The same crappie may choose to strike completely different colors from one day to the next so it’s important to remember to experiment when one color isn’t working. If one theory doesn’t work, change it up and try another and soon enough you’ll figure out what reals them in! In conclusion, Fish with what you feel comfortable with. Every fisherman will have a different favorite jig and that’s okay!