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How to Increase the Buck Density Where You Hunt

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How to Increase the Buck Density Where You Hunt

Have You Tried These Strategies?


Sometimes deer densities are too high. Other times, they’re extremely low. During times of the latter, it’s important to know how to manipulate the situation to improve things for the deer, and for the hunter. Here are a few helpful tips to increase the buck density where you deer hunt.

Create More Bedding Cover

Bucks might love each other’s company during summer and early fall months. But that quickly changes come fall. It’s important to have several bedding options on the property you hunt. This allows bucks to spread out. If you only have one or two good bedding options, it’ll be much harder to hold numerous mature bucks.

Add Additional Food Sources

The more food you have, the more deer you can support. Simple mathematics! It’s priority to improve and increase the natural vegetation available to deer and plant food plots, too.

Place New Water Sources

This is one thing that often goes overlooked. It will have the most impact if you don’t already have water on the property. However, even adding additional water sources to your property is one of the best investments that you could make. You’d be smart to implement it. On a small scale, you can add water troughs, tubs, etc. Or, you can go big and put in a pond!

Supply Minerals

Deer need minerals throughout the year. Having a year-round supply will only add value to the tract of land you hunt on. Providing your deer the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients on a year round basis can not only produce larger antlers but it can have a positive impact on your whole deer family.  The right minerals in the right proportion are important for increasing body weight, antler size, milk production, immune system health and disease prevention.

Give Them Something They Can’t Get Elsewhere

It’s simple. Try something New! Give bucks something they can’t find on your neighbor’s properties. Whatever that is, figure it out and immediately implement it where you hunt. If old tricks just aren’t cutting it, don’t be scared to try new products on the market!

Establish Sanctuaries

You need to have specific locations marked off as no-go zones. Having a sanctuary will leave an area of the property that deer feel extra safe living in. Hunting around these areas, and not within, will mean more mature bucks live there. As for size, it’ll be different for every property, but many have found 5 to 10 acres is a good number. You don’t want sanctuaries to be too large (or small).

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