Lake D’Arbonne drawdown underway

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The drawdown on D’Arbonne happens every four years and leaves much of the lake looking like this

The every-four-year drawdown on Lake D’Arbonne is underway. The drawdown was supposed to start this week on Sept. 8, but the Lake Commission opened the gates a couple of weeks early anticipating huge rainfall with Hurricane Laura. Fortunately that didn’t materialize in our area and the opening of the gates gave the lake a head start on the drawdown.

Lake D’Arbonne  has already begun to fall relatively steady over the past couple days. As of last check the lake level was 79.6’, which is .4’ below the 80’ pool stage, the drawdown will drop the lake to a level of 75’. Once the Bayou below the spillway is charged enough the flow rate can be increased to reach a maximum of 4” of drawdown per day per LADOTD guidelines. Reminder that since the drawdown has begun all commercial fishing activities must cease. LDWF enforcement activities will increase on the lake to ensure all creel limits are adhered to, to maintain the integrity of the fishery.

Anglers fishing the bayou below the lake should be aware of the extra current, moving logs and hazardous boating conditions. The regular use of the lake’s tainter gates have changed the bayou considerably, especially the first few miles below the spillway.

As always please practice safe boating activities as the lake levels recede to avoid emerging obstacles.