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More on teal season – statewide report

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Duck Blog 2018Here’s a quick look at the statewide early teal season from Larry Reynolds with the LDWF plus an interesting tidbit about some banded teal hopefully headed our way…

“My impression is it wasn’t the worst teal season we’ve had, but it probably was a little below-average.  Our September survey showed about 127,000 bluewings, which was the 6th lowest on record, and hunting success on the opening weekend was spotty throughout the state.  Our Coastal WMA’s averaged about 1 teal per hunter, which is not terrible but below average.  Catahoula Lake averaged 2 per hunter, again, not tearing them up, but better than the last couple of years.  But then it fell to pretty poor until Wednesday or Thursday of the second week, when I heard some good reports from NE LA that “some new birds have arrived”.  The last weekend I got mostly good reports from across the coast, but it seemed to fall off in NE LA.  I don’t get a lot of reports from north LA, but that’s what I’ve got.”

— Larry Reynolds

NOTE:   LDWF NAWMP Coordinator, Paul Link, radio-marked 9 bluewings in Yorkton, Saskatchewan at the MS Flyway Council duck banding site in late-August, and as of Wednesday, Sept. 25, 7 of them were still in either SK or the Dakotas, where there has been excessive rainfall in the month of September.  It was also a hot, hot  September, creating conditions for a little later movements.

—  Larry A. Reynolds, Waterfowl Program Manager, Louisiana Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries

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