New fishing license time

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We wish we could explain what and where and how about the Louisiana Fishing License you need under the state’s new licensing system, but it’s too complicated to cover it all. But we do know this, unless you stayed up until midnight last night (June 30) and got your new one, you better get one today if you are going fishing this weekend! There are multiple licenses and permits needed for various outdoor adventures and you must make sure you know what you need for your pursuits. There have also been minor changes to the Lifetime License.

The new system would not allow former license holders to get a new license until midnight last night, but now you can. In addition, if you don’t buy a license until later, you’re expiration date will be one year beyond your purchase date. No longer do the licenses all expire on June 30.

Check the LDWF site to ensure you have all the necessary permits for fishing and visiting certain areas under state control, like Bussey Brake.