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Realtree Outdoors Presents “The Flyway” with Simmons’ Sporting Goods

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Realtree Outdoors Presents “The Flyway” with Simmons’ Sporting Goods





Simmons’ Sporting Goods is an outdoor superstore located in the small town of Bastrop, Louisiana. The store was founded in 1983 by Jeff and Robin Simmons. Following college, Jeff decided to follow his dreams and took a chance on the business. After all, hunting and fishing had always been a major part of his life. The business has vastly grown from nearly 1,000 square feet, to what now offers over 70,000 square feet of fully stocked inventory!

“Simmons has become a destination for so many people” explained Hunter Simmons. Most are unaware but Simmons’ Sporting Goods is in a major duck hunting area. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Morehouse Parish and surrounding areas not only in hopes of lucking up on a duck, but to visit Simmons’ Sporting Goods.

“Louisiana is called the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” Morehouse Parish is probably the Capital of the Sportsman’s Paradise!” says Jeff Simmons. It’s also known for all its rice acres. There’s even a rice mill located not far from Simmons in Mer Rouge called Kennedy Rice Mill. If you know a thing or two about ducks, then it’s obvious that they love rice! “Being located in the cornerstone of the delta is a plus for us! It provides a natural food base for the waterfowl.” Jeff Simmons commented.

If you’re looking for knowledge about the products that are offered and friendly customer service, look no more! The staff at Simmons are educated in the inventory and most of them are avid outdoorsmen and women. Our employees are one of the first to know if the products will have success throughout the season by personally putting them to the test. “It’s not all about trying to push a product. We care about the customer and our goal is to make sure they are taken care of” says Lindsey Simmons.

“At Simmons, we strongly believe that the most important part of being a family is spending time together. Tradition begins with having a bond with someone or something that you cherish. Hunting is a lifestyle and can most certainly be enjoyed by everyone. The returning customers over the years are proof of that. Watching young children come in with their parents and growing up to repeat the cycle is very heart warming. Keeping children involved with family and the outdoors is what our store is all about! We are blessed to have our business located in the center of The Flyway.” – Jeff Simmons