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Say What? Bussey’s three pound crappie

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Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 10.50.23 AMBussey Brake, located right up the road from Simmons’ Sporting Goods, is showing out again. Last year right after it was re-opened, it rocked the fishing world giving up at least two 10 pound PLUS bass. This winter, the crappie are making waves as well.

Now, two three-pound plus crappie, including a 3.60 slab that will be No. 2 white crappie in the Louisiana State Fish Records have been caught in the past two weeks. Congratulations to Anthony Griffith of Bastrop on that catch and to J.C. Morgan, formerly of Bastrop, for his 3.32 whopper that will be No. 6 in the state black crappie records.

And look for more to come!

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