State snapper limits go up, again

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We don’t get a lot of red snapper up in these parts; okay, we don’t get any. But a lot of Louisiana fishermen living in Simmons’ Sporting Goods Country love to go down to the coast this time of year to fish for these saltwater favorites. It’s just become a lot more appealing this week.

The limit has been two fish per fisherman for several years and got raised to three this year. And just this week, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) raised to to four per fisherman per day. It will stay that way until the recreational quota is reached.

The latest private recreational red snapper landing estimates through July 2, 2023 led to the change. LA Creel, LDWF’s near real-time landings data collection program, indicates that 247,987 pounds, or 26.5 percent, of Louisiana’s 2023 annual private recreational allocation of 934,587 pounds have been harvested during the 2023 red snapper season.

Average weight estimates and the proportions of state and federal charter harvest have been updated and are reflected in the landings estimates table.
Beginning Monday, July 17, the daily creel limit is four fish per person with the with the same 16-inch total length minimum size limit until recreational landings approach or reach Louisiana’s allocation.
The private recreational red snapper season began May 26 in state and federal waters. For more information on the 2023 red snapper season and detailed landing estimates, visit the LDWF website..
LDWF reminds charter captains and crew that they are not allowed to keep a limit of red snapper on either a state or federal charter trip.