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Confused over the state of Louisiana’s ever-changing tax free weekend for sportsmen?
Don’t be.
Simmons’ Sporting Goods in Bastrop has taken the guess work out of the traditional Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday exempted state sales taxes on  purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies.
Friday Sept. 6 through Sunday, Sept. 8 is a tax-free weekend when you buy firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies. Period. No taxes.
The local sales taxes on those supplies are waived for the weekend and Simmons’ will pick up the tab for the state taxes owed. Every little bit helps. And if you are planning to make a big purchase, the savings can be substantial.
“If you plan on buying a bow and completely rigging it out or buying a new gun, lots of ammunition for duck season or decoys and supplies for the camp, the savings add up quickly,” said Lindsey Simmons.
For example, if you are going to buy a $2,000 gun or bow and don’t have to pay the 10.45 percent taxes, that’s a savings of $209 for you.
The benefits extend even further at Simmons for the select weekend.
“You can come in and pick out all your supplies now, put them on layaway and then pick them up and pay for them that weekend and you avoid the last-second rush,” Lindsey says.
Come get these great deals now while you can, because nobody knows how long it will last, Lindsey says.kinney blog post
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