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Teal 2020: What you would have expected

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Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 6.04.12 PMTeal season statewide starts Saturday, Sept. 12 and runs through Sunday evening, Sept. 27.  The limit is six teal per hunter with a possession limit of 18. Teal season 2020 is about what you would expect, considering everything that’s going on in our world. There are some teal in the state and others flying in as well, but the hurricane week really changed things. A lot of the top teal hunting areas in the state are still struggling to get power back or to repair houses and businesses.

The strange weather also moved teal that were here around quite a bit. If you haven’t gotten a spot ready, time is running out. Get out and get things in shape. You never know what kind of hunt you’ll have till you give it a try. It looks like we will have a little relief in the weather

Make sure your gun is ready to go and you have everything you need. If you didn’t get to practice on doves, or haven’t already taken time to go shoot a few clay targets, it’s not too late. Don’t find yourself in the blind on your first teal hunt with a bunch of birds buzzing the decoys and then MISS!

Be safe out there.



Teal season

Teal (Blue, Green, and Cinnamon) September 12-27 6 18