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Teal season lost in a cloud of dust

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If you’ve been wanting to see teal so far this season, you’d better look at a painting!

This teal season in north Louisiana will go down in the books as one that wasn’t. It’s so hot and so dry that only a handful of hunters even tried their hand at teal. There were a few birds in isolated pockets of water around the area, but the agriculture fields are still busy with farming activity after farmers got off to a slow start this year due to weather.

Right now, hunters can’t even pump up areas because there just isn’t enough water and half of it would soak in the dry ground.

There have been some successful hunts down in southwestern Louisiana, but most folks won’t make a trip down there just for a strap of teal. Stay tuned. It’s gonna get better before big duck season! And we’ll bring you all the reports here on the Simmons’ Sporting Goods Duck Report.

The next few reports, we are going to share some of the hottest selling items at the store going into this season.

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