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Teal — too little, too late!

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Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 7.49.15 PMTeal season was kind of slow for most folks up here. We just didn’t have any water for the season except in a few places that pumped it up. Then the last week of the season we got 10 inches of rain and filled everything up. But it was too little, too late. The front then moved thousands of birds our way and, boom, the season closed Sunday.

One of my farmers called and said there were 3,000 teal in one of the fields yesterday. That was the day after the season closed.

There were also a lot of teal on some of the area lakes from what I’ve been hearing. Maybe they’ll stick around for a while.

South Louisiana hunters that were away from the storms had some of the best teal hunting they’ve had in a while. Bird counts were way up and the season was pretty successful for some. It’s time to start getting those blinds and fields in order for the regular duck season. Make sure you get out and get in some shooting practice. Nothing’s worse than being out on opening morning and having a wad of ducks fly right into the decoys and then not being able to hit them. Practice. And be safe!


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