Time to get that turkey twitch

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Are you starting to feel the urge to break out in a little “cluck” and “gobble” every once in a while? Do you find yourself walking around and suddenly holding your shoulders back, holding your chin up and poking your face forward and doing a little strut?  That’s normal if you are a turkey hunter. It’s time for turkey hunters to start getting that little turkey twitch. It isn’t that long until the season is here for and that’s about the only cure for this strange behavior.

It’s high time to get your gear into shape and fill in your missing equipment. If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to come by and check out our turkey hunting supplies at Simmons’ Sporting Goods in Bastrop. In Louisiana, here are 2021 season dates and zones. Plan and prepare now and enjoy it more later!

2021 Turkey Area Schedules

Area A:   April 2 – May 2*

Area B:   April 2-25*

Area C:   April 2-18*

Youth & Physically Challenged Hunt (restricted to youth and wheelchair confined physically challenged hunters – Areas A, B and C on private land only): March 27-28

*Seasons Open in Areas A, B and C, on private lands only. See separate WMA Schedules, National Wildlife Refuge Schedules, and Federal Lands Schedules for season dates on those areas.

2021 National Wildlife Refuge Schedules

Contact U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for information regarding NWR hunts:

Bayou Cocodrie NWR: March 27-28 (Youth Lottery Only)
Bogue Chitto NWR: March 27-28 (Youth & Physically Challenged Only) and April 2-25
Lake Ophelia NWR: March 27 (Youth Lottery Only) and April 3-18
Tensas NWR: March 27-28 (Youth Only) and April 2-11
Upper Ouachita NWR: March 27 (Youth Lottery Only)

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