3 Ways to Achieve Perfect Arrow Flight

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Lately we have received several questions about Arrow Spine, Front of Center, and Arrow Diameter. All three have a direct correlation to achieving perfect arrow flight and having an abundance of energy and momentum for down range.


There are arrows now that have a heavier grain per inch weight and also components that fit into the front end to give them a heavier mass weight.   More & more hunters are becoming less interested in a high number through a chronograph.  They’re more interested in an arrow that passes through an animal and buries into the ground.  There are several factors that will keep an arrow from penetrating completely so we try to eliminate the ones we can control.


Arrow spine:


Coupled with total arrow weight and a stiffer arrow spine is a great place to start.  First we have to make sure that the bow will tune with this heavier spine arrow and if we have that, we can continue on.

Shaft Diameter:


We have all seen the nock end of an arrow wiggle side to side and up and down after hitting a target.  That wiggle is the energy leaving the front of the arrow and releasing to the back end. This wiggle, if it’s a wide wiggle, lets the energy of the arrow bleed off and slows down the arrows penetration. This is typical for larger diameter arrows.   On the other hand, smaller diameter arrows tend to have a tighter wiggle and more forward energy that drives deeper into the target.  Easton has a name for this, Focused Energy.  Their line of 4mm and 5mm small diameter, stiff spine hunting arrows have a heavier grain per inch weight and are great penetrating arrows. Companies including Carbon Express, Gold Tip, Easton and many others also have offerings in class of arrows.


Weighted Components:


Weighted Components along with accessories added to the front of an arrow will do more to change the flight aspect of an arrow than anything.  It changes the overall weight, front of center, and could change the total length of the arrow.  When using these components, you have to be careful of what arrow spine you choose.  Some of these components weigh 50 to 180 grains and will change the spine and the front of center of your arrow. By adding these, your energy and momentum are increased a great deal.


All of these things create different performance levels for your bow and arrow set up.  Some maybe right down your alley or you may like to burn up the chronograph. Contact our Archery Department if you have any questions or would like to request more information!