What People Look for When Buying Rural Land in Louisiana

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An Interview with Richard Lemoine on What People Look for When Buying Rural Land in Louisiana

On January 9th, First South Farm Credit, a rural lender specializing in agricultural, rural land, and country home loans, interviewed Richard Lemoine of National Land Realty. Lemoine joined National Land Realty in 2018 and has over 20 years of experience in land sales. Throughout his career, he has sold thousands of acres of farm property as well as hunting and timber properties. During the interview, Lemoine shared his opinion on what people are looking for when purchasing rural land in Louisiana.

Lemoine mentioned that most of his customers are looking to purchase land where they can hunt freely. “Louisiana is blessed to have successful hunting land, particularly in certain areas of the state. Hunters know where the best hunting possibilities are and they want their own private place to hunt as often as they wish.  In those thriving areas, the land may be in high demand, but you may not see as many tracts for sale. So, it is important to keep in touch with a realtor who specializes in rural land sales and can keep an eye on those areas for you,” said Lemoine.  While Lemoine’s customers are primarily searching for rural land they can hunt, he has found that they are also looking for somewhere quiet, away from busy or growing areas.

In his experience, those searching for land tend to live in neighborhoods and are looking for somewhere peaceful, away from the eyes of their neighbors. Certain areas of the state are growing quickly and his customers are searching for open, quiet spaces to serve as a retreat.  Lemoine suggests to those searching for their own rural paradise to take the initiative on that perfect property when you find it. “You do not want to be 10 years down the road and wish you had made that purchase,” he adds.

You may have found yourself eyeing a piece of land only to wish you had purchased that property when it was for sale. When you find your perfect piece of the country and are ready to make the next step in land ownership, it is important to choose a knowledgeable rural lender. As confirmed by Lemoine, “I always take care of my customers and that is why I suggest a dependable and timely lender like First South Farm Credit.”