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Another one is in the books

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Turkey season gets here in a flash, and then is gone just as fast. Just like that, there’s nothing left of the Louisiana season but the tracks.

For many folks, it was a good season. There were a good many birds and the weather cooperated a lot during the season. The good news is that even if you went and were not successful killing a bird, you still did better than the folks that did not go.

There’s a lot more to it than just killing a turkey, although that is a nice end to the hunt for sure. Make sure you take time to clean up your turkey gear and get it in good shape before storing it. And if you are missing something, there’s no better time to get stocked up for next year than right now at Simmons’ Sporting Goods while we have a full stock of turkey hunting gear and equipment.

No matter what you are doing, be safe out there!