An awesome New Mexico hunt

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image1-6We just got back from Mescalero, New Mexico and had an awesome turkey hunt. Six of us went and we all got two turkeys, which is the limit. We were hunting on an Apache Indian Reservation and there is only a three day season. We were fortunate enough to hunt all three days.

It’s in the mountains and is really beautiful, but the air is pretty thin so it was hard on us old men. image1-5It was at a 7,000 foot altitude.  We did our best to call them down to us, but sometimes we had to go up to them. They were still henned up and hard to call away for the most part, but we stayed with it and finally called enough away for some good hunting.

The last evening we worked a group of eight big gobblers with about 20 hens for two hours. Hunter was trying to fill his last tag. It didn’t look good, but then with about 15 minutes left before we had to leave, one broke away and he got him. It made a good end to a great hunt.

One of the best things up there was the weather — it was 36 at daylight and only got up into the high 50’s and low 60’s during the day.

That was a pleasant break from the muggy conditions around here where the mosquitoes will just about pick you up and throw you out of the woods!