Another 10 pounder out of Bussey!

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Make that TWO 10 pound bass out of Bussey Brake the first week!

Alton “Dallas” Brown tried to go to Bussey Brake on opening day last week, but the line was too long. But he made it back this past Tuesday and he’s glad he did. He caught a 10.64 pound lunker, the largest he’s ever caught.

“Isn’t that something?” he said. “I mean, really, I’ve gone all over the place trying to catch a 10-pounder and never have. I’ve been to Lake Fork over in Texas numerous times with a guide. But I ride right up from my house and catch this 10 pounder in this little lake. That’s just awesome, man.”

Right down the road from Simmons’ Sporting Goods. Come see us…and those Bussey bass, too!